PC fans constantly suck air in and out (as we do), which includes dust.
Fans are usually set to suck in at the front or top and out the back, passing through the middle of the case in an attempt to keep “ambient” temperature low. By Leaving your vents clogged up, restricts the air flow and having any “cool” air passing through.
Overheating is a major cause for most Monitors/Processors/Graphics cards/Power Supply Units (PSU) problems.

Any PC/PS3/Wii/Xbox Hardware doesn’t like the heat, hence the big deal about water cooling to keep ambient temperatures down inside cases for big gamers who require as much power as possible.
A six month or yearly hoover inside your tower or console (unblocking the vent slots and gaps) makes a big difference to the temperatures of Graphics/Hard drives/Processors/Ram (we always include Hoovering in our home visits).

Security is essential, especially if you occasionally (unknowingly) visit bad places, I always recommend basic “Free” online security to those that just wish to browse and play games, it is safe enough for your basic needs including banking.

Operating Systems and the software PC’s use are actually dumb, they don’t know what to do unless you tell them! 🙂

A bad install or Installing new software is a common cause of problems. Sometimes a corrupt file can cause havoc and eventually stop you sending that very important email or up/download that ever so important file, or purchase that lottery ticket on a Saturday evening at 7:29pm only to find those numbers came in after 10 years of using those same ones!
When you do know that your PC is running fine, create a “Restore Point”, You can do this as often as you like as restoring back to these points after you do find a problem, usually resolves some issues.

Windows updates and service packs are essential for many reasons. Leave Windows Update set on Auto Update or set reminders often or when you go to install something you need (usually urgently), youll find your files are out dated and you need to run an update and wait a while for it to complete.

backup backup backup!
On to an External Hard drive/DVD/Flashpen. do it when you go to bed, leave it running to auto shutdown.
I hope you never live to regret it. If your hard drive fails then it may cost you hundreds to “try” and get the data back and it isn’t always possible.

Data Restore. Did you know that if you’ve accidentally deleted an important file, there is a chance it is still retrievable.
Even if you format your hard drive, most of the data is still there but just not shown.
Just don’t start saving more files which may be written over the files you may need back.
We can run a restore and give you all the data we find but cannot promise the important file you wanted actually be found.

If you do throw your old PC away or take it down the dump, i’d suggest physically breaking your OLD hard drive. I don’t mean with a 5Lb hammer and no protective googles, a few clumps with a hammer will be suffice. (use eye protection (to cover myself)).
I have heard of people purchasing “Dumped” PC’s to restore the hard drives and go through them to gather Banking details/Personal details like Emails/files/names address etc.

Network providers can also be down. We have had calls where customers were unable to connect to the internet and didn’t know why, within 5 minutes i could see that their provider (not mentioning any names as they are all as good/bad as each other) was down and a quick call to Richard Branson and we confirmed & resolved the problem.

We all know there are cowboys out there, looking to make a fast buck or two.
Our fees are fair, honest and reasonable, we’re not brain surgeons or professional football players, or even Plumbers and we won’t charge you the going rate for it neither.
We can let you know soon enough as to whether it’s going to be good or bad, Whether it’s worth upgrading, fixing or simply just purchasing something new.

We have resolved many problems over the phone, you will gain the knowledge & trust that we are known for, and in return (in the unfortunate event of course) there ever is a scenario you need us to help you with.
You will know who to call.

We want to create a rapport, instill trust and an understanding that not everyone is out to rip you off.

£25 for the first hour (cover call outs), then £9 per 30 minutes thereafter. (Discounts for regulars, friends & locals 🙂

We can remote in if required, also offer advice on upgrades or future products that are reviewed and recommended after being used by genuine users/people like you.

If you do unfortunately ever require our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call and see for yourselves..

Thank you for your custom.