Prices At your home, on-site support, remote access:

We have found that a majority of general problems and issues are solved within the first hour.
To cover our costs of travelling to and from your location, for both collection and drop off, we simply charge just £25 which includes the 1st Hour.

That is just £25 to resolve the problem within the 1st hour!
If you wish to drop the item off to then collect once repaired, then the standard £18 will be charged for the first hour.

However, if the work requested does require more time, then additional 30 minutes are charged at just £9.00, giving you the best value computer repair available!

Within the 1st Hour, we should be able to establish “roughly” how long it would take to complete and whether it would be worth trying or cost effective to you.

We have decided to set the Prices for home support as to avoid any confusion.
So, that is:
£25 Callout (includes 1st hour).
£9 per 30 mins (thereafter)
Office installs, set up, management:

We would need a full detailed description of your requirements before we could supply a quote on Office installs, customisable systems, Backup, Email Configuration, management etc.
We would usually visit the premises to discuss this all in detail which we would be happy to do.